Bast shoes: Ēvalds Inspēters

Bast shoes – footwear made of woven linden bast fibre – handmade by Ēvalds Inspēters from Sigulda. Born and raised in the Latvian colony of farmers in Bashkiria, not far from the Ural Mountains, Ēvalds Inspēters is one of the very few Latvians who not only remembers the times when people walked around in bast shoes, but still knows how to make them.

Bast shoes for money and for everyday use

Bast shoes are, in a way, characteristic of the handcrafting skills and hobbies of those Latvians living and farming at the base of the Ural Mountains. Read more >

The Inspēters from Vidzeme in Ufa Province

valds Inspēters was born in 1926 in Bashkiria, in the Ķereklu village in Bakaldyn. At the end of the 19th century many Latvian families, including the Inspēters from Vidzeme, moved to Ufa Province where they could get land. Read more >

Ēvalds Inspēters šodien

Over his lifetime, Ēvalds Inspēters has become convinced that – “the more you smile, the longer you live”, and this attitude allows him to view life with joy, no matter what happens. Read more >