Anita Apine-Hermane today

Anita Apine-Hermane

Anita Apine-Hermane, May 2011


Anita Apine-Hermane, born in Sydney, Australia, learnt the Latvian designs and craftsmanship in early childhood from her mother, Anna. She attended the Sydney Latvian School, took part in the kokle [zither] ensemble, the choir, needlework groups and learnt to weave on her mother’s old DP era loom.  In 1994, Anita released a book called “Latvian Weaving Techniques”.

When Anita’s mother Anna could no longer weave, they decided to give this loom – originally designed by Elga Kivicka – to the Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. The loom was displayed, along with Anna’s story, as a centrepiece to the exhibitions of the Immigration museum, a campus of the Museum Victoria.   In 2006, another identical loom was acquired by the Museum, and the Kivicka-designed loom was transferred to the Latvians Abroad – museum and research centre in Riga, where it has featured in museum displays in Riga and Tukums.

Anita moved to Rīga to live in 2009, where she teaches weaving and  art at the Ādažu Brīvā Valdorfa skola [Ādaži Free Waldorf School].  She still occasionally participates in Museum exhibitions, continuing to demonstrate weaving on her mother’s heirloom.