Exhibition authors

Andris Straumanis (projekt management; Introduction; Cornerstone- George Mondeik; The first Latvian immigrants to America)
Marianna Auliciema (Loom– Anna Apinis; Porcelain face- Vera Puķe-Puķīte; DP camps; Latvians in Australia; Latvians in Sweden; English language editor)
Maija Hinkle (Suitcase – the Simsons family; First World War refugees; DP camps; Latvians in America 1949 to today; Second World War refugees; About “Latvians Abroad”)
Ieva Vītola (Bast Shoes – Ēvalds Inspēters; Latvians in Bashkiria)
Juris Zalāns (The boat Biscaya – Kārlis Ploks; Latvians in Brazil)

Uldis Brūns (English translation)
Eva Eglāja Kristsone (Latvian language editor)
Aigars Lielbārdis (video interviews)
Jeremy Smedes (web design, programming)

Thanks to the following organizations for the use of their material in the exhibition:

  • American Latvian Association (“Latvians in America” photographs)
  • Brazilian Latvian Friendship Association (“Latvians in Brazil” photographs; Kārlis Ploks photographs and diaries)
  • Latvian War Museum (First World War refugee photographs)
  • Latvian National Museum of Art (Photographs of furniture designed by Ansis Cīrulis )
  • National Oral History Project (NOH)  (interview with Vera Puķe-Puķīte; photographs of Vera Puķe-Puķīte )
  • Museum Victoria (Loom photograph)
  • www.dpalbums.lv (DP camp photographs)

A special thankyou to those families and people, who entrusted us with their life stories: 
Anita Apine-Hermane, Ēvalds Inspēters, George Mondeik, Haralds Ploks, Vera Puķe-Puķīte, Simsons family.

Thanks also to Baiba Bela, Antra Celmiņš, Kristīne Jansone, Brigita Tamuža, Māra Zirnīte.

Exhibition financially supported by:

Latvian Foundation, inc  World Federation of Free Latvians